At St. Edward’s Church of England Academy, we believe that education is about teaching children to understand and apply the knowledge, skills and values they will require to become a 10:10 individual in line with our 10:10 vision and Christian values of Respect, Hope, Courage and Friendship.

We want to empower our children to access a life in all its fullness by being able to make decisions within a complex and ever-changing world so that they are able to know more, do more and be more.

We do this by providing a broad and balanced curriculum where the vital subject knowledge and skills within each subject are aligned and sequenced effectively, allowing our children to achieve beyond their expectations. This is underpinned by subject specialist teachers delivering the curriculum in specialised rooms to allow the depth and breadth of subject matter to be explored.

Our curriculum is also complemented by a wealth of enrichment activities, which promote positive attitudes to learning, develop strong personal development, build cultural capital and encourage our shared Christian values. We strive for our pupils to develop their personal skills and qualities so that they grow into positive, responsible young adults who are prepared for their future.

In its entirety, the curriculum is designed to make sure our children feel valued and respected so that they promote the 10:10 vision of the academy and live a life in all its fullness.

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Modern Foreign Languages


Religious Education

Art and Design

Design and Technology


Home and Remote Learning


Home and Remote Learning

St Edward’s provides subject-based teaching at both Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6) and Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8). Our intent is to provide subject specialists who are well qualified and up-to-date with all aspects of their subject teaching. Who teach their chosen disciplines in rooms and with resources to support this endeavour.

Pupils study the National Curriculum, in Years 5 – 8. In all years’ pupils study English; Maths; Religious Education; Science; Computing; Geography; History; French; Physical Education; Music; Art and Design; Design and Technology; PSHE. In some subjects, pupils are taught in mixed ability classes, and in others, such as English and Maths they are taught in ability groups.

In Year 8, pupils undertake the Arch Bishop of York Young Leaders Scheme. 

ICT and Technology is used extensively to enhance learning across the Academy.

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