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Product Design

Product Design is the foundation of our everyday life and shapes the world around us. It is based on designing products and objects, from consumer goods and medical equipment to communication devices.

Design and Technology – Product Design at St Edward’s Academy, explores the design process and offers our pupils the opportunity to develop their design and making skills, in both 2D and 3D visualisation techniques. It encourages pupils to use creativity and imagination, to design and make products that solve problems within a variety of contexts, including the needs of others.


To develop and foster a love of learning in our subject area, engaging learners in all aspects of Food and Nutrition. We equip our learners with the skills and confidence they require to live life to the full in line with our 10:10 vision.

In Food and Nutrition, we are dedicated to the development of the whole child and to ensuring our pupils enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum in a school which celebrates each individual’s unique range of skills and talents, alongside their academic growth.

Great emphasis is placed on the delivery of rich and engaging lessons which promote creativity, self-expression, team-building skills, healthy life styles, positive self-esteem and critical thinking.


Key Stage 2 Product Design:

At KS2 our curriculum reflects the importance of the fundamental skills and knowledge needed in this subject. We look at simple drawing and rendering techniques and develop the pupils understand of these through a range of different tasks through all units of work. We start to use subject specific vocabulary and introduce pupils to different design concepts and influences. All projects are based around the design process and increase in complexity as the key stage progresses. We also consider Health and Safety in practical rooms and rules that need to be followed for our safety and the safety of others.

Key Stage 2 Food and Nutrition:

At KS2 our curriculum focuses on fundamental skills and knowledge. We look at the Eatwell guide and its purpose, then throughout the key stage we develop this knowledge further looking subject specific terms for the sections and why they are needed. We consider health and safety in the Food room and at home and what impact our choices have. In practical lessons we introduce different pieces of equipment and look at how to use these safely, for example applying heat in different ways and knife skills. We also look at food origins and the importance of ingredient selection. Pupils will have the opportunity to try a variety of different ingredients and dishes and go out into the garden to take part in sessions focusing on growing.

Key Stage 3 Product Design:

In Key Stage 3, pupils further develop their knowledge and understating of the design process and practical skills to produce a variety of deign and practical outcomes. In Year7 pupils are set a brief to design and make a moodlight. The project enables them to work with a wider range of tools and equipment, whilst also incorporating electronics into their design. Pupils also gain the basic skills in 2D computer aided design software and further enhance their development of 3D drawing techniques.

In Year 8 students will acquire a range of new skills both creatively and practically, while designing and making their desktop organiser. They will develop their design and presentation skills using a range of different media and drawing techniques, with a focus on isometric and perspective drawing. Pupils will draw on their knowledge of CAD software to produce detailed working drawings

Key Stage 3 Food and Nutrition:

As pupils progress to KS3 we build on the fundamental skills and knowledge they acquired in KS2. We progress into looking at nutrition and its function in the body. We look at a variety of diets and dietary requirements and how these can be catered for. We build on the practical skills learnt in KS2, using more appliances and developing pupils knife skills and understanding of the functions of ingredients. We also develop pupils understanding of food origins, health and safety, fair trade, food miles, food costing and responsible consumerism. We also develop pupils independence and resilience in preparation for life beyond St Edwards.



In Product Design, we assess pupils designing and making skills, along with their technical knowledge and understanding. This is done throughout the course of the project, during both theory and practical lessons. An overall assessment of pupil’s work is also completed at the end of each of these areas.

Assessment is undertaken in a continually in Food, for example we assess pupils practical and theoretical ability, looking at skills, understanding and independence.


Lunchtime activities – Jewellery Club, D&T club

Cross curricular links with Maths, Science and Art

Understanding of designing for purpose and importance of recycling

Celebration of Healthy Eating week

Weekly lunch time clubs

Experimentation with flavours and opportunities to try different foods

Competitions such as Young Chef

Engagement with the LEAF project

Gardening opportunities to grow food in the school garden both in and out of lessons

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