Religious Education

Allowing all to live life in all its fullness. (John 10:10)’


RE at St. Edward’s Church of England Academy is built upon our strong Christian ethos. RE provides the opportunities to learn about a variety of religions, beliefs and cultures, so that pupils can learn from and seek to develop their own values, attitudes, and beliefs.

RE enables pupils to reflect upon and to inquisitively explore some of life’s most difficult and testing questions. Respect is at the heart of this learning journey which enables pupils to flourish and embrace life in all its fullness.


All Pupils have the opportunity to belong with RE lesson regardless of their faith and religious background. Pupils are encouraged to explore and challenge other pupils’ views in a respectful way. All pupils learn about Christmas and Easter and are encouraged to develop their thinking and explanation for their thoughts this is done through Thunks in Year 5 and 6 and Dangerous Questions in Years 7 and 8. We base our learning on So What? Why are we learning this how does this apply to you, your peers, your community?

Year 5

At the start of their journey at St Edward’s the pupils will learn about our Academy’s strong Christian ethos and how we aim to allow all to live life in all its fullness. The pupils will learn about What is Belief? and The Big 6 Religions Looking at the world’s main religions and what Christians and the Academy believe. The pupils then learn about people belonging to the Sikh faiths, Miracles and parables.

Year 6

Pupils start Year 6 looking at the Creation and what Christians and people belonging to other faiths believe. We also explore the scientific views of creation and look at what evidence there is. The pupils then learn about Stewardship and Pilgrimages looking at how these are similar and different in other faiths. Finally, in Year 6 pupils explore Islam and how stories change people lives looking at stories from the bible and the comparison to other faiths.

Year 7

Pupils start Year 7 by looking at Evil and Suffering and Peace and Reconciliation looking how this relates to religions and faith, the pupils then study The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, What makes us Human? and finally Judaism and the Holocaust.

Year 8

In Year 8 the pupils develop their thinking in relation to RE to prepare them for the transition to high schools. The pupils learn about Christianity, Was Jesus a Rebel? Is Religion out Of Tough, Extreme Religions. In Year 8 the pupils have developed a maturity in order to learn and discuss these topics.


In RE pupil’s complete baseline knowledge checkers as well as end point skills checkers to review what the pupils have learned. Teachers also complete reviews each lesson looking at previous topic and lesson knowledge to support and develop pupils to know and remember more.


Year 6 and 7 visits to the Derby Faith Trail

Visit to the St Edward’s Church

Holocaust survivor visits

Woodland Worships lunch club and SEMH intervention

10:10 Ambassadors

Weekly Martlets Group

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