Art and Design


We believe at St Edward’s C of E Academy that Art is a subject that can help us to understand and give meaning to the world in which we live in. Art has a place in everyone’s lives and as such is an extremely valuable subject.

Our curriculum in Art supports our pupils and helps them to aspire through their learning experiences. We provide a variety of opportunities which are rich in skills, knowledge, enabling pupils to experience exciting challenges that combine practical skills with creative thinking, developing highly valuable and transferable skills for future careers and life. the development of our pupils. 


We support our pupils in learning to share good practice and learn from others. We study the work of other artists, designers and craftspeople as well as celebrating cultural diversity and art in society. We achieve this by linking a variety of skills from the wider curriculum and linking them to Art projects to produce personal, independent and group-work artworks.

Key Stage 2 Art:

In KS2 pupils are taught about not only how to use the visual elements, but how to apply them to their artwork. Pupils experience a range of media, techniques and processes throughout KS2. Pupils are encouraged to develop their observational skills by using a range of techniques and processes, reflecting on their work and making connections with others, allowing for refinement and opportunities to reflect on outcomes. Pupils are encouraged to experiment with a range of 2D and 3D media to develop their ideas and skills.

Key Stage 3 Art:

In KS3 pupils develop their skills and knowledge of the visual elements with progression and development, enabling them to make informed choices and work with an increased independence, preparing them for KS4 & KS5. Pupils develop primary and secondary research into their own ideas and develop and reflect on their work through a range of materials, techniques and processes from 2D studies, 2D relief work and 3D sculpture in clay, wire, mod roc and cardboard. Pupils understand links with others and make informed decisions, problem solve to enable styles to become developed by exploring techniques and creating a variety of artworks.


In Art, we assess the pupils through a range of skills-based activities, from research, designing, exploring materials, to making a final outcome. Pupils are encouraged to constantly self and peer assess artwork throughout the projects and use this feedback to reflect on their own art outcomes to develop their understanding of the visual elements or the theme. An overall assessment of pupils’ work is completed at the end of each main project.


Lunchtime activities – Art Club all years

Drop Down Days – Whole school art projects

Collective Worship – Whole school art projects

Cross curricular links with Science, Maths, English, D&T, Cooking, Music, The Environment.

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