Leek Education Partnership

The Leek Education Partnership

The following schools are part of the Leek Education Partnership for 2022-3; to view individual schools’ websites please click on their name.

The Leek Education Partnership has as its mission a clear sense of identity and purpose to improve the results for young people by offering a full range of opportunities across the 3-19 years age range. This includes the the opportunity to develop programmes of study across all schools included in the partnership. For example, working with Gifted and Talented pupils and those with a Special Educational Need by sharing expertise, best practice and resources to achieve best value for money.

Specific Objectives

1.1 Teaching and Curriculum

  • to strengthen curriculum links to support the ongoing improvement of curriculum delivery and high standards
  • to have strategic planning of the curriculum across all of the district and seek to develop a shared sense of identity and a common sense of purpose
  • to improve teaching and learning and provide better quality training opportunities for all staff
  • to explore the potential of offering joint appointments
  • to exploit fully opportunities for continuing professional development of all staff to enable effective sharing of best practice and value for money

1.2 Achievement of Economics of Scale through joint purchasing of services and resources

  • to align purchasing policies within the Leek Education Partnership
  • to actively seek opportunities to ensure best value for money in the procurement of goods and services

1.3 Governance and Strategic Planning

  • to share best practice between the governing bodies of each of the participating schools to support the most effective governance
  • to achieve strategic short-, medium- and long-term planning across the Leek Education Partnership, in respect of the achievement of improved learning in all of the participating schools
  • to achieve effective transition of students between the participating schools

1.4 Impact within the Wider Community

  • to achieve consistent and effective liaison and policies and approaches in working with families and communities, for example with respect to liaising and working with vulnerable families
  • to align and develop best practice in respect of effective partnership with families and inclusion
  • to develop and explore how the Leek Education Partnership can access extended services for the benefit of all young people attending their schools