School Uniform


Personal appearance

Pupils should always present themselves in a smart and respectable manner within the Academy and when travelling to and from it.


All clothing and equipment should be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name to avoid them misplacing or confusing their possessions with other pupils.


Trousers must be grey or black with no stripes or flecks. They should be classic style and loose fitting with no exposed zips, external pop-rivets or pockets. Tailored pockets are allowed. Jeans, fashion shorts or other fashion items are not allowed.

Skirts must be grey or black with no stripes or flecks. They should be classic style and loose fitting and no shorter than 1 inch above the knee, with no exposed zips, external pop-rivets or pockets. Tailored pockets are allowed.

Belts –only narrow plain black or navy belts may be worn.

Shirts – the school open-neck style polo shirts in gold must be worn.

Socks – only navy blue, black, white or grey socks should be worn. Black tights may be worn with skirts.

Footwear – sensible plain, all black leather (or leather like) shoes which cover and protect the toes are to be worn. There must be no logos or ‘features’ (such as the Adidas three stripes, Nike tick, the New Balance NB, Puma form strip, Converse star/circle, etc). Even if such shoes are sold as part of a ‘back to school range’ they will not be allowed. In bad weather boots or Wellingtons may be worn to travel to the Academy and then changed for normal school wear upon arrival. Any medical conditions requiring the wearing of alternative footwear should be referred to the Academy.

Adobe pdf icon  Examples of Acceptable and Unacceptable Shoes 

Sweatshirts – if wearing a sweatshirt this MUST be the official Academy sweatshirt.

Hoodies are not allowed. Academy hoodies are only to be worn during sporting fixtures and PE lessons and are not to be worn at any other time including break and lunch time.

House badge: Each pupil will be issued with their first House badge free of charge. This must be worn as it is part of the school uniform, identifying what House a pupil is in. If a pupil loses this badge they must purchase a new one at a cost of £1.

Hair must be of natural colours (and may include natural coloured highlights or lowlights) Hair must be at least 7mm long (a number 3).

Long hair (i.e. below shoulders) should always be tied up. Fashion cuts are not allowed, including ‘dip-dyed’ hair, ‘tram lines’, ‘patterns’,’ shaved heads’, ‘Mohicans’, etc.

Dark coloured ‘bobbles’ are to be used when tying the hair back. Hair bands are permissible but should also be dark in colour. ‘Holiday braids’ are not permissible.


Jewellery, valuables, earrings (other than one small stud on the lobe of the ear) or piercings are not permitted on the grounds of Health and Safety. A simple wrist watch or ‘fitbit’ may be worn (SMART watches are not allowed).

Make-up and nail varnish must not be worn.

Coats and jackets must be plain in colour and suitable for outdoor play. They must not be worn in the building. In the winter months, high viz bands may be worn.

Summer wear – the authorised gingham dress may be worn during the summer term. Smart shorts (of the colours and style described under ‘trouser’ section above) may also be worn. Tight shorts (including cycling shorts, ‘hot pants’ and ‘wheelies’) are not acceptable.

Large amounts of money or items of value (including personal audio equipment such as MP3 players, iPods, iPads or other tablet devices, electronic games or jewellery) must not be brought into the Academy. Such items will be confiscated by staff and must subsequently be collected by parents/carers from reception.


Dress Code for non-uniform days (or educational visits)

  • Discrete and respectful: clothing must cover the ‘trunk’ of the body from the neck to the knees, including the shoulders. (Tight shorts are not acceptable, including cycling shorts, ‘hot pants’ ‘wheelies’ etc)
  • Sensible and appropriate: clothing and shoes must provide appropriate protection and not include anything inappropriate for a school setting. (Inappropriate captions, motifs, etc are not acceptable)
  • Jewellery & hair: must conform to ‘within the Academy’ requirements.
  • Face Painting or fancy dress: is not permitted (unless a letter has been sent home explicitly authorising it for a special event).


The Principal reserves the right to make the final decision on what is or what is not appropriate.


Pupils who do not comply with uniform rules will be removed from lessons and break/lunchtime routines until they do comply. If there is a good reason for so doing, a uniform pass to allow a temporary exception to uniform requirements can be applied for and issued at the Academy’s discretion.


The Academy accepts no liability for lost or stolen items. Pupils must take care of their own property at all times.



In terms of equipment for school, our pupils are expected to bring to school each day:

  • The school planner
  • A suitable sturdy school bag – examples of appropriate bags are on the school website
  • A pencil case
  • Two pens/biros (black or blue)
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • Headphones / ear-buds (for computing)
  • A reading book
  • A green pen
  • A calculator recommended – Casio GT3X Calculator for KS3
  • A Whiteboard pen

Other items that are useful:

  • A pencil sharpener
  • A rubber
  • Coloured pencils


PE kit list 

  • St Edward’s Academy PE shirt or St Edward’s Academy blue polo
  • St Edward’s Academy shorts / skort
  • St Edward’s Academy socks
  • Short white sports socks / trainer socks
  • Trainers (not pumps)
  • Football boots
  • Shin pads
  • Mouth guard


  • St Edward’s Academy reversible rugby shirt (optional)
  • St Edward’s Academy hoody (optional)
  • Navy base layer (optional)
  • Track suits/ fleece / other warm clothes (preferably navy in colour) may be worn in bad weather at the discretion of the PE staff

Swimming (Boys and Girls) Year 5 only

  • Swimming trunks or costume (one piece) in any sensible colour
  • A swimming cap must be worn by all pupils who have long hair


Where to buy our uniform and sports kit from

We have available two outlets for our school uniform, Supersport and Tesco Online with their F&F brand.  To view the ranges from each supplier please visit their respective websites.

Supersport (Leisure Shirts) Ltd, Hope Silk Mill, Macclesfield Road, Leek ST13 8JZ Telephone:01538 386226
Supersport Schools.

Tesco Florence and Fred

Visit Tesco Online and select Staffordshire and then St Edward’s CE Academy from the drop down lists.

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