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About Us
We are a competent, and qualified team, who work with pupils at both ends of the academic spectrum. We strive to extend their skills and abilities, intellectually, emotionally and socially; for them to develop fully. Our aspirations are high, which means we work hard to challenge and engage our pupils. We take every opportunity for continual professional development, and keeping abreast of the latest developments in all related fields.

Communication is very important to us which is why we enjoy working closely with parents, other schools and outside agencies.

SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability)

Wherever possible, support for pupils is put in place within the classroom. Our experienced team work with a wide of additional needs including: autism, dyspraxia, hearing and visual impairment, and moderate learning difficulties.
The school also runs a series of individual, structured, `Wave 3` intervention programmes. These are delivered in our `Learning Hub` and are generated and tracked by a team of 3 professionals:

Mrs. C. Dawson SpLd APC (Patoss) is a qualified assessor and teacher for children with specific learning difficulties.

Mrs .M. Weaver has worked with the hearing impaired team and a range of experienced and effective speech and language therapist over the last 12 years. She really enjoys this area of work and has had considerable success with a wide range of children.

Mrs.C.Hallen is a qualified teacher who develops personalised programmes for our Wave 3 intervention. She also works closely with the More Able pupils – mathematics in particular.

The school uses a wide range of assessment; initial literacy, numeracy, and dyslexia and more specific assessment where needed for exam special arrangements – all conducted “in-house”

More Able Learners (MAL)

Our `More Able` pupils have the capacity for, or demonstrates high levels of performance in an academic area and may consequently require extension beyond the normal curriculum. They could also have other attributes:
* Physical talent
* Visual / performing abilities
* Mechanical ingenuity
* Outstanding leadership and social awareness
* Creativity

A MAL pupil list is collated by the Assistant Principal and distributed to all staff who contribute by planning and delivering challenging lessons. Each term the effort and tracking data is analysed to ensure that More Able pupils are making the expected progress and effort.

St Edward’s Academy also offers opportunities both within school and by external parties. For example:

• Curriculum Enrichment Programme for year 8
• School clubs such as chess
• Musical Activities including, Young Musician competition and the summer concert.
• Public Speaking Team who enter the annual Rotary International Youth-Speaks competition, the Key Stage 3 teams have won local, regional, and district stages.
• The Board Games Club who play variety of strategic games such as Carcassonne.
• KS2 and KS3 Science Clubs
• Visits to Salters Chemistry Festival JCB Academy STEM Visit
• Croda Chemicals classroom sessions in Y5
• The UKMT Team Maths Challenge is a competition for teams of 4 pupils in Y8 + Y9. Every year we enter 2 teams, together with Westwood College, in the Regional Final held at Keele University, where there are usually about 40 schools represented. This year (2016) one of our teams won the Regional Final and so were invited to the National Final held at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London, where they came up against the top mathematicians in the country.


We are keen to include the most up-to-date technology to fulfil our pupils’ potential, and develop skills for future success. A CTouch large screen interactive display allows ‘hands-on’ learning and encourages pupils to work collaboratively with their peers. The Interactive display provides the opportunity for students to engage directly during lessons.
Our investment in Ipads means we have mobile technology to enrich the learning outcome.
Most importantly, our use of technology leads to interactivity, which in turn creates a meaningful, socially rich experience.

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