Learning Overviews

Geography is taught in all years within the school. Year 5 and Year 6 receive one lesson per week. In Year 7 pupils receive two lessons per week and Year 8 one lesson per week.

Teaching Content
The course that the department has designed ensures that pupils carry out a series of geographical enquires at different scales. These involve: asking geographical questions, suggesting appropriate sequences of investigation, collecting, recording and presenting evidence, analysing and evaluating evidence, and drawing and justifying conclusions.
Pupils learn a variety of geographical skills: using and building an extended geographical vocabulary, selecting and using appropriate fieldwork techniques, such as atlases, globes, OS maps, selecting secondary sources of evidence including photographs, satellite images, GIS and evidence from ICT based resources.

Pupils develop a knowledge and understanding of places including their national, international or global context. The study of physical and human features ensures that pupils understand the process of change and development within our world.

Pupils gain a knowledge and understanding of geographical patterns and processes which they will be able to relate to the character of the place and environment in which they occur, along with their impact on the human and physical landscape.
Finally, the course includes opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development. Pupils learn how to describe and explain environmental change and recognise the different ways of managing it. They explore the idea of sustainable development and recognise the implications for people, places and environments in their own lives and the lives of others.

Course content includes the following;

Year 5 Term 1

Let’s investigate using a range of map skills.
Use atlases to learn more about our world
Explore the internet to carry out research.

Year 5 Term 2
Study different countries in particular China & India
Carry out a local field work study in Leek.
Consider what our local area is like.
Look at what Leek used to be like and how and why it changed over time.

Year 5 Term 3
To carry out an in-depth study of Brazil. For example its weather, climate, landscape, natural resources, cultures and customs.

Year 6 Term 1
Look at why water is so important.
Explore how water is used in this country and in a developing country.
Take part in the Carsington Fieldwork study.

Year 6 Term 2
Study how rivers shape the landscape.
Look at what makes a successful settlement.

Year 6 Term 3
Consider what it is like to live under difficult environmental conditions.
Carry out an Individual investigation.
Look at tourism and whether or not it is a good thing.

Year 7 Term 1
Exploring Africa
Globalisation and development

Year 7 Term 2
Weather and Climate
Population and urbanisation
‘Fantastic places’

Year 7 Term 3
Map skills
Local fieldwork

Year 8 Term 1
Extend pupils’ locational knowledge of some of the world’s major countries and their physical and human features.
Geography in the news

Year 8 Term 2
Earth’s story
Glaciation and climate change

Year 8 Term 3
Investigating the Regeneration of Liverpool
Global changes


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