Product Design

Learning Overviews

Product Design is the foundation of our everyday life and shapes the world around us. It is based on designing products and objects, from consumer goods and medical equipment to communication devices. The subject explores the design process and offers pupils the opportunity to develop their design and making skills, in both 2D and 3D visualisation techniques.

Year 5 – Clock Project
The year 5 clock project introduces pupils to Product Design and the design process. They will explore different ways of researching and use their findings to help them create design ideas which are suitable for a chosen target market. Pupils gain the basic skills in using hand tools and 2D computer aided design software.

Year 6 – Flashing Door Hanger
This project involves pupils further developing their basic knowledge of product design. Pupils use research methods to investigate existing products and their chosen target market, using this information they then create and develop a range of design ideas. Pupils will produce a working product of their final design, which will allow them to improve their modelling skills.

Year 7 – Memphis Mirror & Maze Game
During Year 7, pupils are set two separate design briefs: to design and make a mirror with influence from the Memphis Design Movement and to produce a ball bearing maze game. Both projects focus on different materials and practical skills

Year 8 – Keepsake Box
In year 8 students will acquire a range of new skills both creatively and practically. They will develop their design and presentation skills using a range of different media and drawing techniques, which focus on isometric and perspective drawing. Pupils will produce a keepsake box with a suitable theme relevant to their chosen target market in the style of Pop Art and apply a range of practical skills when doing so.

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