Academy News 9th January

This week we had a departure from normal routines with our Y7/8 dancers doing a flash mob in the hall at breaktime. Younger pupils looked on in wonderment as the dancers performed a sequence to ‘Hairspray – You Can’t Stop The Beat.’ This is our Academy entry for the dance competition which will be held by the Regent Theatre, with the winning entry then being performed in the Theatre foyer.

Around the academy more generally this week we have been focusing on last minute revision for the mock exams which are taking place. Some of the exams are taking place in exam conditions in our main hall, as we are conscious that when children start to do exams like this the formality and large open space can come as a disquieting surprise to them. To help students do their best, we are therefore trying to get them used to the rituals and rules which surround exams, so that we can minimise any anxiety and uncertainty which might otherwise arise when public exams take place.

As the new interim Principal I have spent the week acquainting myself with all the different activities and programmes which are running in the Academy. I have spent a lot of time meeting staff and listening to ideas about what is working well and what we could do even better. I try to make sure that I always spend about an hour a day circulating through classrooms and activities, so that I can always try to have as accurate a sense of how things are going on the ground. Whilst doing so I have enjoyed meeting a lot of our students and listening to them read and explain their hopes and suggestions for the Academy.