Academy News 9th December

This week has seen the finalising of tests and assessments for many of our pupils. There will be an end of term overall report for parents.  Pupils, as usual, will be discussing and reflecting on this in the last week of term.

St Edward’s also rocked their way to Christmas with the new Christmas Concert formant. Hot on the success from last year the new St Edward’s dance teams were keen to take part. Dance is now part of curriculum lessons but also there is a dance club which pupils attend both at lunch time and after school. Our drama group is new for this year and is run by Ms Harding after school with a small group of children. The music performers are both those with experience and those setting off on their journey to musical excellence. They may perform in assembly, but a public audience is that one step further in providing the challenge we like to set our pupils. It was a wonderful and memorable evening to see 82 children sharing their talents with everyone. Thanks to all staff and especially Mrs Dickenson for organising this in Mrs Ibbotson’s absence.

On Friday once again the whole school sang and ate their way through many turkeys and several kgs of Christmas puddings. The school kitchen continues to serve the most Christmas dinners in one sitting across the Staffordshire schools and kitchen staff prepared well in advance. However, the morning still sees Mrs Birch and her team arriving at school very early in the morning to ensure the fresh turkey is cooked to perfection. It was simply delicious and an immense credit to the kitchen staff

In an extended lunchtime pupils also celebrated and worked off the calories Mr Dunn ,our site supervisor played DJ to a. disco and singing celebration in the gym along with other quieter activities across the school for the extended lunchtime. A brilliant day for all – a great way to offset the many end of term assessments previously mentioned.

This week we had successful interviews for a Creative Studies post and Teaching assistant post.

In the coming week, it will be the pupil reward afternoons, please pay careful attention to the texts regarding these and the advice on dress code for the day. On Friday, everyone is invited to St Edwards’s Church for the service with the Year 7 & 8 in the morning as per the letter and 5 &6 in the afternoon.