Academy News 11th December 2017

Dear All,

This week the Academy has had a slightly different timetable as we have completed a PSHE focus day on Wednesday. As part of this day we have welcomed a range of visiting speakers from a range of organisations. For example:

  • The NSPCC
  • The Road Safety Team
  • School Nurses
  • Synapse

Pupils focussed on a variety of topics during the day, dependent on which year group they are in. Some pupils focussed on finances, other looked at the role of parliament and everyone participated in an assembly that focussed on our fundamental British Values. The pupils understanding and interpretation of these key elements that make our Great Britain such a varied, unique and safe place to live compared to many other places in the world was humbling. Their openness to embrace our ever changing union is an example to us all and is celebrated in our Academy RESPECT ethos. Pupils enjoyed the day and we will be taking their feedback alongside the other important issues that pupils need to be aware of when we prepare our next PSHE focus day next term.

As we journey through the season of advent our nativity scene in the Academy foyer and the Advent Wreath with is candles, are reminding us of the true focus for us at this time of year: the birth of Christ. In assemblies and during House group time were are encouraging the pupils to take time to reflect on this especially when so often we can become so focussed on the commercial side of this time of year. It is something that we should all try to do if only for a little while each week.

House Point totals to Friday 9th December 2017.

As always, I end this blog with a quotation from Mahatma Gandhi. I think this quote is especially important especially with so much change occurring to the EU, our Great Britain and the wider world. Sometimes the changes start at much closer to home.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

God Bless,

Mr Hutchinson