Principals Blog

Dear All,

And another Academic year is nearly complete. 5 more days till the Academy will break for summer and the pupils and staff alike take a well-earned rest.

The past week has been amazing. We have seen the young men and women of Year 8 take their first steps on their journey at high school whilst the Academy was joined by its new Year 5 intake who were a credit not only to their parents but the first schools they attend due to their behaviour, manners and can-do attitude. They all got stuck into any and every activity that was asked of them and their participation in Eureka Day showed they are well on the way to understanding the ethos and values of the Academy.

Each Year 4 pupil also arrived with their ‘book in a box’, the level of creativity, effort and imagination that had gone into these was truly superb. I know how much hard work must have gone into these especially at home preparing and creating such masterpieces so thank you for all the support for those parents and guardians who helped!

Returning to Eureka day I would like to thank all the Academy staff, those external partners and specifically Mrs Rose for coordinating this day. Activities ranged from Yoga to Forest School, from prayer and reflection to the smoothie bike (something that you have to see to believe). This was my first experience of such a day at St Edward’s and I can personally say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and is something that can be developed even more in years to come.

As term draws to an end, all the events, changes and happenings of year give us time to reflect. This is an exciting time as we look to the future but a sad time as we say goodbye to some staff and pupils and we think about opportunities that have passed us by so as I end each blog with a quote I thought this week the following quote was suitable from one of my favourites authors JRR Tolkien:

“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead”


God Bless,

Mr Hutchinson