Principals Blog

Dear All,

We now only have 3 weeks left till the summer holidays but this has not meant that the number of activities or the learning and engagement has reduced at the Academy, in fact quite the opposite.

Last week we saw a group of pupils and staff set off for Cornwall on one of our annual academy visits and I am looking forward to hearing about all their adventures and experiences when they return to the normality of Monday.

Transition activities continue and both Year 4 and Year 8 pupils are having a range of experience inside and outside of the school. This week we welcomed Mr Richard Hey, Head Teacher from Westwood High School who gave an assembly to Year 8, explaining what High School is really all about and setting straight any misconceptions or concerns that our pupils may have had.

We also welcomed an external SEN specialist into the Academy to review our additional needs provision and teaching. The feedback from this review will provide staff at all levels to further improve and sharpen our focus on how we cater and educate all children but especially those who require something extra to allow them to succeed and become the great people of the future that we aspire for them to be. This is the first in a number of external reviews to examine the strengths and areas of the development within the Academy and I will be sharing key elements of the processes at parental forums such as the one taking place this week.

Anyone within earshot of the Academy over the past couple of weeks will have heard the musical overtones of pupils practising for the summer concert that will take place on Monday 3rd July. Mrs Ibbotson and our peripatetic staff have been working feverishly in preparation for what is sure to be a musical extravaganza. I am looking forward to this – my first summer concert with baited breath.

Finally, I would like to thank St Edward’s Church, Leek for welcoming so many of our community during this past week and allowing me to speak to the congregation on Sunday. It was my privilege to be part of their Communion service and worship with them, and I thank them for their prayers and continued support.


As I end each blog with a quote from an inspirational person I thought I week I would choose former President of the United States, Teddy Roosevelt. I think quote sums up for us all what we need to focus on to be the best we can be. We can’t always have all the resources we might like, or all the time, or all the opportunities but disregarding all these barriers we just have to keep on with the task in hand.

“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.”