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Dear All,

The theme for this week was FAITH linked to the bible reading John 20: 19-31.

Our Year 6 pupils had to take a step of faith this week as did we as their teachers. Our brave pupils entered the examination rooms and did their very best to succeed. The teachers had to have faith in them doing their best and remembering all the lessons they had been taught.

The bible passage highlights this just as Jesus disciple, Thomas struggled to remember the teachings of his ‘rabboni’ (his teacher in Hebrew).

I am sure the pupils will have done themselves and the Academy proud and we look forward to the results when they arrive. However the work is not finished there not by any means.

As part of my blog over the coming weeks and months I will inform you of the key priorities we are focussing on and where applicable provide some insight into the work and successes the Academy community are having as we drive to rapidly improve the school.

Over the past few weeks the senior team have spent time evaluating the Academy in all respects, to develop strategies and plans for improvement. Information from all stakeholders has aided this work that had been gathered during the spring term.

Two key areas for me at the current time are communication and consistency.

In regard to communication, I will be holding my first parental forum on Monday evening, which will then be a regularly calendared event throughout the year to meet with parents and inform them of what we are doing and listen to concerns they may have.

As an Academy we are also examining our systems, means and approach to communication to ensure that the information on a day to day, week by week and month by month basis is improved. And the tone and nature of the information you are provided with is professional, insightful and displays our Christian values.

In regard to consistency, this is an element of the Academy that I feel is the underpinning foundation of our future improvements. Whether this is behaviour, uniform, manners, learning, teaching, marking, or simply how you are greeted when you enter our community. Without this element improvement will be limited.

I personally hold very high expectations of my staff team and the pupils in our care and do not apologise for this. Consistency in our systems is something that we will be leading on after half term and we will be looking to gain stakeholder feedback on the incremental improvements that we will experience linked to this element of our strategy.

As I end each blog with a quote from an inspirational person I thought I week I would choose an inspirational female. So here is a quote from Helen Keller:


Alone we can do so little,

Together we can do so much.

Helen Keller


God Bless,

Mr Hutchinson